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Crime Scene Cleanup Albuquerque New Mexico

When a crime occurs in a person’s home or business, the last thing they probably want to think about is how to clean up the mess. They are in a state of shock and grief, and they have other matters to attend to. That is why we partner with local organizations and law enforcement to provide the best crime scene cleanup Albuquerque New Mexico can offer.

A crime scene often involves broken furniture, blood spills, and is a general mess. When we come in, we assess the damage and make a plan to clean and return the space to its original condition. Sometimes, we have to discard items that cannot be saved, such as if they are too contaminated with biologically-hazardous materials. That might include furnishings, clothing, or flooring, for example. We try to save items of sentimental value for our clients, however.

People are at the heart of our work. We work with people first and then clean up next. We are deeply sensitive to the gravity of our clients’ situations, and we respect their need for privacy and confidentiality. Our work is discreet, and we work to leave as light of a footprint as we can so as to disturb our clients as little as possible.

When there is a blood spill, we treat the situation as a biohazard. This is because blood carries pathogens, like viruses and bacteria, that can cause infection in anyone who comes into contact with it. We follow strictly adhere to federal regulations about how to clean up biohazardous crime scenes. We have the comprehensive training and certification to do the job right so as to minimize the risk of infection of anyone who enters the scene after we leave.

Blood spills should not be cleaned up by just anyone. It requires special knowledge and training to ensure that infections are not transmitted. Biohazardous materials should not be handled as if they were not dangerous. We handle, remove, transport, and dispose of them properly. You can count on us to properly clean and disinfect your property when there has been a crime scene. Your safety is our top priority.

For the best crime scene cleanup Albuquerque New Mexico can offer, give us a call. We will be happy to support you by cleaning up the crime scene and helping you move forward on your journey to healing.

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