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How to Reduce Plastic Rubbish using Eco-friendly Food Packaging Alternatives

A 2018 report showed that the UK had accumulated 5.2 million tonnes of plastic packaging, and this number was bound to increase to 6.3 million tonnes by 2030. Another study showed that packing-related contributed to 30% of landfill material and the remaining two-thirds were made up of food packaging. As a result, manufacturers have started developing sustainable food packaging methods to reduce reliance on traditional plastics.

They are using recyclable materials and reducing their overall packaging to eliminate unnecessary filler materials. It explains the production of slimmer water bottles and small caps. Many consumers are embracing the traditional form of buying milk where they use glass bottles that are delivered by milkmen to their homes. Other companies are relying on renewable energy in the production of packaging products while sourcing materials from environmentally responsible suppliers. Such efforts may reduce the overall plastic waste but by a small percentage since the buck stops with the end-consumer. Simple practices can reduce a significant amount of waste. The next text highlights ways households can reduce food packaging waste.

Use Biodegradable Packaging

When buying supplies at a retail outlet, pick items that are packed in biodegradable material. For example, you can buy butter packed in glass jars that are reused as vases or cups. You can also choose items packed compostable packaging. Iceland, a supermarket in the UK, was the first to announce its decision to use plastic-free packaging. Its veggie and fruit aisles are no longer packed in plastic trays and wrapping but solid boards. A grease barrier is added, depending on the final use of the product. This way your rubbish removal trips to the kerbside are reduced, and plastic waste is kept minimal.

Opt for Eco-friendly Packaging when Buying Takeaway Foods

Experts predict that takeaway foods will be worth a staggering £6.1 billion in the next five years. As a result, the demand for packaging materials will surge. Food outlets have found innovative ways of packing foods in a bid to reduce plastic waste. Paperboards have become a favourite way of carrying sandwiches and other fast foods. The cartons have an aqueous barrier layer on the base, which is compostable and recyclable. Additionally, they are available in different finishes to match the requirements of the target audience. The Jazz series is an excellent example of eco-friendly packing products for wrapping a sandwich and other takeaway snacks.

Buy Items in Bulk

Apart from the convenience that comes with buying foodstuffs in bulk, this step also helps reduce plastic waste. The items are packed in one large bag, and you get to minimise trips to the retail outlet. If you are not buying the items in bulk, choose products that require minimal packaging. According to a study about rubbish removal in a state, households can reduce plastic waste by 150,000 tons if families bought minimally packaged versions of ten products.

Carry a Bag when Doing Shopping

While eco-friendly shopping bags are biodegradable, they can be re-used a few times before wearing out. As such, instead of disposing of the containers using Clearabee skip hire service after a single use, you can carry them the next time you go shopping. This practice should also apply when buying coffee or other beverages- carry a mug or flask. When ordering fast food, carry a container to the restaurant.

Clearabee is a renowned rubbish removal company in the UK. The organisation offers skip hire services for customers looking to dispose of waste after some time. It also provides man and van services for households looking for same day rubbish removal services. Clearabee not only specialises in disposing of household waste but also construction waste. If you don’t have decent disposal bins, you can order a skip bag that is usually available in different sizes.

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