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Why You Need Foundation Piering

What is Foundation Piering?

Foundation Piering refers to the process of driving the sections of steel pipe or concrete pilings in a foundation to help stabilize. The piers are pushed into the ground with a hydraulic pump, the loaded foundation piers are installed directly under the center of the wall being lifted and are used as resistance to push the piers into the ground.

The only way the pier can be effective is when it is driven deep enough until it hits the bedrock. That is the only way it can be strong enough to support the piers which also supports the foundation of a building. Piering is one of the dependable and strongest methods of stabilizing a foundation thereby preventing it from sinking. And it comes in handy with buildings that are shaky or sinking.

Foundation piers are of different types, but sources have disclosed that the most dependable is the patented Stabil-Loc piering system. This is because the Stabil-Loc is installed directly underneath the foundation of the home which is basically where the weight of the house lies. The pier is made of a patented double-wall interlocking system which prevents failure between the segments. This method is widely guaranteed by manufacturers and also certified structural engineer documentation is not forgetting a lifetime warranty.

Other types of piers which are installed next to the foundation are liable to outline pressures that can bind and snap the bolts or bracket causing a failure of the pier.

There are ways to know if piercing is needed for your home, particularly if the foundation is sinking or settling, you might notice these symptoms:

  • Cracks in the basement wall or staircase
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Cracks in the foundation and drywall

You can contact Level Home Foundation Repair to find out if your house needs piering.

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