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Why A New Relationship Means It’s Time To Focus On Your Home

Find out the important reasons that your new relationship means you need to focus on your home ASAP.

New relationships are wonderful, and falling in love is truly special. When you’re in a new relationship, there are lots of things to think about, even though all you usually can think about is this new person in your life who seems to just be so perfect.

But the life you had before is still present, and you still have to balance your previous work and personal life, including integrating your favourite new person into all of it.

One part of your life you may not have focused on when it comes to your new relationship, is your home. However, you home could well be central to the success of your relationship moving forward, here’s how:

The Base Of Your Dates

In the beginning, you will likely go out to eat and drink and do fun things together. However, as the relationship progresses you may wish to spend time at each others houses. So, your home is going to be the base for some important dates with this new person in your life. Does a cluttered, untidy home seem like the kind of place new love will blossom? Of course being superficial isn’t a great quality, but, everybody likes to spend time in a nice space and tidying and cleaning your home will show your new love interest that you care about them and you enough to keep a lovely home.

Getting Ready & Alone Time

Between the dreamy dates you are having you are spending alone time in this space You will want time to recharge and relax on your own, which you won’t get if your home isn’t nice to spend time in. Make yourself a haven so you can recharge in the way you know best.

Somewhere For You Both To Move Into

Obviously this is thinking ahead, but, eventually you may wish to cohabit and so, you may want your offering to be nice if you want the place you both move into to be your place. If you love the convenient spot, the cheap rent and the views, you’re going to need to ‘upsell’ your place a little better to seal the deal. They won’t want to move in with you if your home is a little bit of a junkyard, they won’t see any space for themselves there.

A Representation Of You

The first time your date comes to your house they are getting a representation of you through your home. If it is messy, unkempt and chaotic, even if they think they aren’t judgemental, somewhere subconsciously they will get an impression of you from your home. It should be a place that tells a story of who you are, which can only really happen if it is tidy and clean.

A Way To Retain Identity

Your home is your identity and often we can forget who we are when we fall in love. It is a nice feeling, but you should have somewhere you can feel safe, a place to express yourself. Your home is the piece of you that you keep the way you want, without compromise. Knowing that you have a space just for yourself, for now, will help you put your best foot forward because you’ll feel strong, grounded and secure in who you are.

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Your new home isn’t at the centre of your new relationship, but it does have a part to play.

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